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Texas Holdem Strategy

The Flop
Players make a majority of hands here, so your understanding of the flop is extremely important. Three cards are placed face up after the first round of betting. They are community cards for everyone to make their hand. Then a new round of betting begins with the player left of the dealer chip. At this point, if there are no bets, players are given the option to check or bet. If there is a bet, upcoming players must call, fold, raise, or reraise.

Flopping Exceptional Hands
When dealt an exceptional or strong hand, play them aggressively. Then if you pair your whole cards for two pair, without a doubt, use an aggressive stance. You should also be aware of your kicker. For example, when you have an AK and another Ace is in the flop, play more aggressively. However, when you start with a weaker hand, such as an AJ, you should use a conservative approach.

Flopping a Draw
When you flop a draw, for example a four to a flush or straight, use pot odds to determine calling. There are instances when betting with a nut flush draw or a top straight draw is appropriate. Keep in mind, however, not to scare players away, since the more players in, the better pot odds for a draw.

When you have a fullhouse, a set, nut flush, or quads, slow pay to increase the pot. The better the hand, the more you can risk. But when you flop a small set, you should bet out with it, because anyone with a higher pair in the hand can possibly have a higher set.

Helpless Flop
Sometimes the flop is no help. If this is the predicament, check and fold to any bets, unless you have an exceptional pair. Believing the final two cards will give you what you want is recklessly optimistic.

Texas Holdem Top Hands | The Turn

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