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Premium Bonus Whoring requires at least $500 to get started. The idea at this stage is to fully utilize your bonus opportunities, meaning deposit the maximum amount for the maximum bonus. Start with Party Poker and work your way through each room.

Party Poker 20% up to $100 (500 raked hands)
Empire Poker 20% up to $100 (500 raked hands) 

After using these bonuses, return to Party and Empire and get IGMPAY bonuses. Each of them is 20% up to $100 deposit bonuses. Simply enter the bonus code IGMPAY when depositing to these rooms and use the deposit method IGM-Pay as a direct withdrawal from your bank account. This is a one time opportunity. The reason we suggest targeting Party skins before moving elsewhere has a lot to do with the beat-ability of the tables and the clear-ability of the bonuses. After you achieve the bonuses we just mentioned, your next move is Absolute Poker.

Absolute Poker 50% up to $500 – You must deposit with Neteller. Deposit $1000 for the maximum bonus.

Ultimate Bet 40% up to $200 – Deposit $500 for the maximum bonus. When clearing this bonus, we recommend playing $1/2 or higher. This will assist you in clearing the bonus faster. In addition, make an effort to be one of the first two players to sit at a table. These two strategies will increase your bonus release rate. 

PokerRoom 40% up to $200 – Deposit $500 for the maximum bonus. Clearing this bonus requires 7 player points for every $1 in bonus, or 1,400 points. You earn 1 point for every raked hand, when the rake was $1 or more, then you receive 0.5 points for hands when the rake was less than $1 but more than $0.50. It is recommended that you play at least $1/2 to clear this bonus and moving up to $2/4 would be acceptable if you have adequate funding to do so.

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