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Bonus Whoring Strategy

Why Bonus Whoring?
Bonus whoring entails utilizing bonuses at online poker rooms. Using promotional offers to your advantage, from the beginning of your online poker career, is a smart move because it allows you to increase your bankroll faster. Bonuses are an integral part of profits in online poker.

Every online casino will offer a bonus or incentive for opening an account. Either a 100% match up bonus, usually up to a certain amount, or free money to use when playing casino games.

Bonus Whore - A player who utilizes all bonuses available at online poker rooms.
Signup Bonus - A bonus to a player opening a new poker account.
Reload Bonus - A bonus to attract players back to a poker room.

You should account for both types of bonuses from the very beginning. The common mistake of many players is never using them.

Getting Started
Since bonus whoring is key to developing a bankroll, start by registering  a NETeller account, if you haven't already. Opening a NETeller account is simple, safe, and secure. Review our NETeller Tutorial and visit
www.neteller.com then verify your bank account with NETeller to increase your deposit limits and security. This process takes up to 5 business days.

Step One - Room Selection
Next, sign up at Crazy Poker. They offer a worthwhile no deposit bonus and matching bonus.

Step Two - Your Budget
Your budget is a major factor in how you bonus whore. We recommend at least a starting bankroll of $200.00 for our guide. However, if you don't have money to get started, you can visit our no deposit bonuses section and start from scratch. This isn't necessarily the easiest approach to building a bankroll, but it's still very possible to suceed with this route. Then when you reach $200, you can come back and start bonus whoring.

Step Three - Budget and Premium Whoring
There are two routes. If you have $200.00, we recommend Budget Bonus Whoring. This will help you reach $500.00. However, if your bankroll is already $500.00, we suggest Premium Bonus Whoring,  where the bonuses are more substantial.

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