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Top 10 Poker Hands
In an attempt to give beginning poker players the best possible strategy to win, is taking the suggestion that Phil Helmuth makes in one of his books, Play Poker like the Pros. A beginner should only play the following 10 poker hands:

1.) A-A

2.) K-K

3.) Q-Q

4.) A-K suited

5.) J-J

6.) 10-10

7.) 9-9

8.) 8-8

9.) A-Q suited


These hands should be bet on pre-flop, and those at the top of the list should theoretically be played more aggressively. The strategies after the flop depend greatly upon the conditions of the flop. One last note is that the hands listed above are mainly meant for the low-limit tables, and as a player gains experience, new starting hands should be added.

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