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Step 1: Royal Vegas
Sign up at Royal Vegas  for your $10.00 no deposit bonus, then deposit $100.00 to receive the maximum matching bonus of $40.00 (e.g. $100.00 x 40% = $40.00 matching bonus). The only requirement is that you play 200 raked hands before they release the $40.00 bonus to your poker account

Note: You do not have to make a $100 deposit, but you will hinder your matching bonus and, consequently, bonus whoring strategy by not doing so.

Royal Vegas Promotions Amount
1. No Deposit Bonus $10.00
2. Personal Deposit $100.00
3. 40% Matching Bonus $40.00
Total $150.00




Withdraw your winnings from Royal Vegas after clearing your bonuses and move to step two.

Step 2: InterPoker
Sign up at InterPoker for 100% matching bonus, deposit $90.00 for $90.00 (e.g. $90.00 x 100% = $90.00 matching bonus). This bonus requires 450 raked hands to clear.

InterPoker Promotions Amount
1. Deposit $90.00
2. 100% Matching Bonus $90.00
Total $180.00




After clearing the matching bonus at InterPoker, your overall bankroll should be at least $200.00 to proceed to step three.

Step 3: Paradise Poker
Sign up at Paradise Poker. Deposit $200.00 and receive a 25% bonus up to $50.00

Paradise Poker Promotions Amount
1. Deposit $200.00
2. 25% Matching Bonus $50.00
Total $250.00

Between playing at InterPoker and Paradise, your goal is to clear the bonuses and accumulate at least an additional $100.00 in winnings, so you can reach step four.

Step 4: Pacific Poker
Sign up at Pacific Poker. You should have at least $400.00 in your account(s) now. Deposit $400.00 for the maximum 25% matching bonus of $100.00.

Pacific Poker Promotions Amount
1. Deposit $400.00
2. 25% Matching Bonus $100.00
Total $500.00

At this point, you should have a fair amount of experience in utilizing bonuses, and your $500.00 should suffice for the maximum bonus at most poker rooms.

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