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Poker Fundamentals

Succeeding in poker requires approaching your personality and behavior and technical fundamentals in a way in which everything counts. Online poker is about enjoying yourself, but also accounting for the appropriate poker tips and strategies. There are common pointers to protect you and limit your bad beats. This section is separated into behavioral and technical fundmentals.

Patience in Poker
Wait for exceptional starting hands. Without patience, you are doomed to losing. You certainly shouldn't play every hand you receive. In fact, smart poker players play one in four hands dealt. There is nothing wrong with folding the rest. It is patience which makes a considerable difference in the size of your bankroll.

Aggressiveness in Poker Strategy
Hold a top pair? Play aggressively! It is your advantage to do so. Don't call with a pair of aces – raise with them. Remember, poker is about strategy, and you want to make every dime by executing the right poker strategy. If you have waited for the right hand, don't sit and call. Take the weak players out. Having the best hand is great, but you also want to increase the pot by slow playing and letting others push money into it. However, you should never be so overconfident in your hand that you let players beat you on the river.

Poker Table Image
Image is key. You want to be reputable and known to play good cards. This objective is best done by just playing good poker and tossing your bad cards. In addition, you shouldn't be bluffing early. This is a terrible idea. You don't want the reputation of being a bluffer, otherwise people will call you thinking they have you beat. The goal when bluffing is to get them to fold because the majority of the time you have good cards.

Cautious Optimism
There is no doubt that you can do very well at poker. I believe everyone is capable of building up a decent bankroll and eventually moving onto bigger and better events. If you're not doing as well as you would like, take a moment and reevaluate your strategy. Also take notes on how well you're doing. You should keep track of your bankrolls, including winnings and losses, to accurately assess what to do next. This will allow you to correct problems and consequently make more money.

Common Sense in Poker Games
Don't use cash advances or rent money to play online poker. This is a game where you can get started for almost nothing and build up a huge bankroll, but never (and I mean never) use funds that pay utility and rent expenses. If you have to sacrifice your personal safety to play poker, then you shouldn't be playing.

Technical Fundamentals

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