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Becoming financially situated in online poker is simple and safe. First, you should never use your credit card. Second, you should be able to transfer money from your bank account to your poker account and back to your bank account for free. Your answer is NETeller, a bank funds transfer service. Similar to PayPal, NETeller is one of the leading secure money transaction companies.

Using a NETeller account for gambling is a smart move as you are playing with money you have and not running up a credit card bill.  And it’s not just for poker, all casino games can be played including online bingo although you can play some bingo games for as little as a few cents.

NETeller Tutorial
-Go to
-Click “Open Account”
-Complete the free account registration process

Registration requires calling NETeller's toll free number to verify yourself. This is a proactive measure that aids identity theft prevention. You can also certify your bank account and increase your deposit limits. In this confirmation, NETeller deposits cents into your bank account which you must verify on your NETeller account.

Transfer Choices
Online Check (EFT) Free
This option deposits from your checking account, but it can take 4-5 business days to complete the transaction.

InstaCASH (EFT) 8.9% fee
This option deposits funds instantly from your checking account - a good choice if time is a concern.



Option 1: Bank Account to NETeller: Online Check (EFT)
Note: 4-5 business days to complete


Option 2: Bank Account to NETeller: InstaCash (EFT)
Note: funds available immediately


NETeller to Poker Room


Poker Room to NETeller


NETeller to Bank Account


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