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The History of Poker

In the gambling world and especially online, poker playing is one of the most popular forms of gambling. With the World Series of Poker, the ability to play at online casinos, the invention of the hole-card camera (changing the game into a spectator’s sport as well) and the vast amounts of movies and books on the subject, it’s no wonder poker has exploded into mainstream culture. But ever wonder where it came from?

Of course, the game of poker has a lot of different variations but they all revolve (generally) around the same principal – players wager on the value of a certain card combination (or hand) and the player holding the highest valued hand is the winner.

The origins of poker are a little fuzzier though. It’s argued that poker could have originated from the German game Pochspiel from the 15th century, the Persian game of As Nas and/or the French game Poque. Some also add that poker is also a descendant of the Renaissance game of Primero and the French Brelan. All of these games included some form of the contemporary games of poker such as betting on different hands, bluffing and hand ranking.

The game of poker had been seen in North America as early as 1829 in New Orleans where a 20 card version with 4 players was played. This game then spread to Mississippi and further west. After that the 52-card English version followed including other classic poker games like draw, stud and straight after the American Civil War. After 1925 other variations began popping up like the wild card, split pots and community poker.

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