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What is Rakeback Good For?
Let me just start by saying: All poker players should play with rakeback. When you are playing poker, at any limit, you are forced to pay rake. When you have a rakeback deal you get some of that money back. It is just as simple as that.

However, at low and mid limits it is even more important to play with a good rakeback deal. The rake has most impact on your bankroll when playing limits from $1/$2 to $5/$10. A lot of players actually need poker rakeback to become winning players at these limits; I’ll try to explain why.

Most poker rooms cap the rake at $3, which means that no matter how big a pot becomes the maximum rake is only $3. Up until the rake reaches the cap it is usually around 5% of the total pot. If a player at a $20/$40 Limit Hold’em table wins a $600 he will have to pay the full amount of $3 in rake, which is 0.5% of the total pot.

If a player at $2/$4 wins $60 pot, the rake will also be capped, and he has to pay $3. The difference is that 3$ in this situation is 5% of the total pot. That player will contribute with a large portion of his bankroll in every single pot he is in. Because of this it is much more important to play with rakeback at $2/$4 compared with $20/$40.

Everybody should play with rake back no matter what the limit is. Rake back is free money that you will get at the end of every month. If you play low and mid limit it is even more important. is a reputable rakeback affiliate that has some of the best rakeback deals out there. Here are some examples:

1. Full Tilt Poker Rakeback 27%
2. Absolute Poker Rakeback 30%
3. Ultimate bet Rakeback 30%
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