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Texas Holdem Starting Hands

Exceptional Starting Hands
AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK suited. Raising and reraising these hands is in your best interest. Of course, an AA can be played more aggressively compared to AK, yet there is still a good amount of optimism with this hand.

Were you dealt Aces, Kings, or AK suited? Play them aggressively, raising and reraising before the flop. However, a pair of Queens or Jacks requires a more conservative approach, but your success rate is still high. Use a semi-aggressive stance by raising to eliminate the draw hands, if no one is raising in front of you.

Strong Starting Hands
-AQ, AK or A10 suited
-AK unsuited
-KQ suited
-KJ, QJ or J10 suited
-AQ, AJ, 9's or KQ
-K10 or Q10 suited

With strong hands, there is a possibility of a flush or straight draw and high face card. Raise in the mid to late position, only if no one has raised before you. Proceed with caution, however, if you raise in the middle position only to have someone reraise in the late position. If they are good, they probably have you beat.

Mediocre Cards
-J9 or 10-9 suited
-9-8 or 8-7 suited
-A and any suited card
-KJ, QJ, J10

It is not in your best interest to raise with mediocre cards, unless everyone in front of you has folded. You want to see the flop as cheaply as possible before making major decisions. While not the best choice, mediocre cards can add some bucks to your bankroll when played properly.

Rarely Playable
-Pairs 6 and below
-Connected suited cards, A10, K10 or Q10; K9, Q9, suited.

Barely playable cards require assistance from the board to win. In rare cases, these can be good cards, since they can lead to draw hands to flushes to straights. You may want to bluff if you are on the button and everyone in front of you has folded or called the blinds, but keep in mind that they are gambles and typically not worth playing.

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