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Texas Holdem Strategy

The River
The river is your showdown. If you have made it to this point, there is a reason for being here. The river isn’t as complicated as the flop and the turn. Your goal, at this point, is to get all of the chips possible from your opponents. Checking at this point makes no sense, because you are only allowing players to put a few dollars back in their wallet when you could be putting it in yours.

Rarely fold on the river. You have reached this point because there is a possibility that you can win. Plus, the pot is large enough where it’s feasible to stay in. You want to take a steadfast approach in river play and use your bluffing skills to your advantage. The last thing you want is a reputation for an inability to bluff this late in the game.

The only situation you should consider folding on is when a conservative player, who rarely if ever bluffs, has been calling toward a draw hand the entire hand and finally has his hit card or in an example where two other players are betting and raising on the river and you are positive one of them has the best hand. Despite this, however, you should also take into account pot odds in determining whether to bet or call on the river.

This guide is a good foundation to Texas Holdem poker, and we hope you use it to your advantage. The best way to improve is with practice and not hypothetical situations alone. Using this strategy section will, undoubtedly, help you succeed at Texas Holdem. For more assistance, considering there are many technical approaches to online poker, you should browse other sections of the site, post on the message boards, and check out some Poker Strategy books at your local bookstore. There are a lot of books out there. One book we recommend is The Poker Player's Bible by poker pro Lou Krieger.

The Turn

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