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Texas Holdem Strategy

The Turn
After betting conludes on the flop, another card is placed face up on the table, in what is referred to as the turn. Now, the bets double, but keep several factors in mind. The beginner can swim into dark waters if not careful on the turn. This is why you should know your strategical position, from pocket card selection and the flop. If you were slow playing an exceptional hand to increase the pot, now is when you should push your chips into the pot. When ahead after the 4th card, your objective is to always build the pot. On the contrary, if you are behind, you must get out immediately and cut your losses before the big bets are underway. Instances such as a 4 flush or 4 to an outside straight, evaluate your pot odds when contemplating whether or not to call or bet. In cases of small but decent hands like JJ, QQ, and AK’s, where you have had no help from the board or heavy betting is on the table, seriously consider folding.

To increase your chances of success, bet if ahead and fold if behind. You should also take into account your gut feeling on what is good for, but don’t become overly optimistic or overconfident. Take a proactive approach.

The Flop | The River

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